Right is seldom Bright but Bright is always.

Since the inception of concept “What is Right ” , always the matter of debate. When we put into context of segment then mild and fickle as mere comes out. Mostly we all driven the knowledge filtered by experience and latter matured by intellectual prodigy at its zenith of saturation. So what may come is interpreted to be right pr perception rule the rest and no intrepidity can defy it. The decrement by shear of fact pushing further the token of being right from perception always elusive. How can we prove it and which way point to gist of righteous is still ambiguous. Talking to head of system is quarter of retreating of being right. The more brighter superimpose the righteousness that still to be told right and vindicated in system. How many days,much time,chair after chair transferred,will ever make the point of ones right always


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